Our Mission

To equip K-12 students with the tools and knowledge of personal finance and economics so that they can make better decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities.

young student working on his school work

Our Challenge

In America we spend billions of dollars helping our children master reading, writing and arithmetic, but teaching financial literacy is often overlooked. We send them out into the world lacking the basic skills to prosper in life: understanding personal finance and economics.


  • Those with low levels of financial literacy were 5X more likely to be unable to cover one month of living expenses than people with high financial literacy levels.
  • And yet only 22.7% of high school students are guaranteed to receive a personal finance education.
  • Nearly ¼ of millennials spend more money than they earn
  • 67% of Gen Y have less than 3 months worth of emergency funding

Two students sitting on stairs together

Our Goals

Full National Coverage

Ensure that every student has access to at least one personal finance and one economics course before they finish high school so that they have the knowledge and tools they will need to improve their financial future and transform the lives of their families and communities. 

Access for Every Student 

We want easy access to financial knowledge for all students, no matter where they live or their school circumstances. Teaching financial literacy and economics helps students envision a future they didn’t know they could have. We target geographic locations most in need.

A Generation of Excellent Teachers of Economics and Personal Finance

Educators change the world. Teachers need both the knowledge and confidence to teach economics and personal finance. We provide free quality resources and training every day.


There is an enormous gap between what people know about economics and personal finance, and what they need to know. CEE is uniquely positioned to close this widening gap in knowledge and competency.

Preparing Teachers

Training and our hundreds of free resources enable teachers to confidently thread economics and personal finance into courses at every level.

Student Programs

Students can acquire critical life skills through programs like Invest in Girls, National Economics and Personal Finance Challenges, and more.

Full National Coverage

We advocate for more and better education in personal finance and economics, primarily through the biennial Survey of the States and FinEd50 to reach the kids that need it the most.


CEE’s culture is driven by our values: trust, integrity, respect for the individual, teamwork, inclusivity and transparency.  These values serve as guiding principles for how we work with each other from which all else follows. CEE’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is demonstrated in both the programs delivered to students and educators of all backgrounds and in the diverse staff at CEE. We celebrate the diversity of our team by leveraging their perspectives through engagement, respect, and a spirit of belonging. The innovation which is attained from purposefully fostering inclusion helps us to remain relevant and to drive the organization sustainably into the future. 


Our Leadership Team

Made up of a dynamic group of individuals, our leadership team is passionate about education and developing financial and economic literacy throughout a new generation.