CEE Programs

We equip and inspire young people to shape their future and the world around them through our economic and personal finance education programs.

Teacher leading an economic and financial education program

Our lessons, publications, and activities help students and teachers alike

Gain knowledge of personal finance

Develop an understanding of the world through an economic lens

Understand how their choices and tradeoffs can impact their lives

Exploring careers in finance and economics

For teachers

Change begins with supporting teachers

We help K-12 teachers make a lasting impact by providing free classroom resources and training for teaching economics and personal finance programs.


For Families

Helping families equip kids to understand the financial world 

Making finance fun is a great way to build connections—and help the next generation become financially literate. Our at-home activities and games make it easy to build knowledge.

For Students

Acquire critical life skills through classes, competitions, and career exploration

Students gain knowledge and practical experience through the National Economics and Personal Finance Challenges, and Invest in Girls focused programs for high school girls.


Children who receive economic and financial education often make better future decisions.

  • Improved student loan decisions
  • Improved credit scores
  • Less non-student debt
  • Lower loan default rates
Students review educational materials