This October is the first-ever National Economic Education Month! Learn how to celebrate

What should I use to prepare?


Coaches recommend the following publications which can be purchased at
Council for Economic Education’s Advanced Placement Economics : Microeconomics (3rd edition by John Morton and 4th edition by Gary Stone)
Council for Economic Education’s Advanced Placement Economics: Macroeconomics (3rd edition by John Morton and 4th edition by Margaret Ray)

Also recommended:
Foundations of Macroeconomics by Bade and Parkin (Pearson)
Principles of Economics by Roy Ruffin (Addision Wesley series)
Economics by McConnell, Brue, and Flynn (McGraw-Hill)

ONLINE RESOURCES is the Council for Economic Education’s portal for lesson plans, videos, activities, ed tech tools, resources to supplement our publications and more. The vast majority of these resources are offered free of charge. These will be abundantly helpful in preparing your teams for the National Economics Challenge. We recommend starting with these:
Focus on Economic Data: The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy, March 20, 2015

PBS offers a helpful video series called Making $ense with Paul Solman. Find it here:

The Federal Reserve System, including state Federal Reserve banks, offers a lot of educational resources for your perusal. St. Louis, for instance offers an economic education website ( which offers the Page One Economics newsletter (, as well as a wealth of economic data (

In 2010, CEE published Gen i Revolution, an online strategy game that simulates a cyberpunk battle against financial illiteracy. Players will confront both economic themes and personal finance challenges.
Play it here:

Watch a full CNBC stream of the 2019 Quiz Bowl Finals and International Quiz Bowl Finals:


Stay on top of your economic news:
The New York Times (https://
The Economist’s Business ( and Finance and economics ( sections.

Students can “specialize” in different areas for current events. For instance, one student might read articles on the banking industry while another might look for information about taxes.