Personal Finance Quiz

Test your literacy in personal finance with these multiple-choice questions! Read each question carefully and select the one correct answer below it. Once you’ve answered each question, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen to see how you did.

When deciding which of the two items to purchase, one should always:(Required)
Pat and Chris have identical interest-bearing bank accounts that pay them $15 interest per year. Pat leaves the $15 in the account each year, while Chris takes the $15 home to a jar and never spends any of it. After five years, who has more money?(Required)
Which of the following is the primary function of insurance?(Required)
Which of the following has historically had the highest rate of return over long periods of time?(Required)
Which of the following would be expected to hold its value best during a time of inflation?(Required)
What is a budget?(Required)
Which of the following would hurt your credit score?(Required)
Which of the following loans is most likely to be classified as "predatory"?(Required)
Which of the following strategies has shown the highest return over a period of years?(Required)
According to car experts, which of the following ordinarily provides the best value in automobile ownership?(Required)