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Programs by CEE

Programs of CEE

CEE provides economic and personal finance resources for K-12 educators, their students and families, delivering programs that amplify this content to address the specific needs of these audiences.

For Educators: 

  • Professional Development:  CEE offers myriad robust professional development webinars both on-line and in-person. These range from single session to semester-long series and cover everything from teaching micro and macroeconomics, to culturally responsive teaching, to how to use the latest technologies in the classroom. Visit our site for teachers, EconEdLink.org to register for upcoming webinars and view our extensive offerings of on-demand training.
  • Teaching Awards: These awards celebrate and honor inspirational K-12 teachers whose innovative teaching practices stimulate economic understanding in and out of the classroom. 

For Students:   

  • Student Challenges: CEE hosts two national high-school competitions that provide a fun way for students to build and apply their knowledge in the areas of economics and personal finance.  
    • The National Economics Challenge: Students demonstrate their knowledge of micro and macroeconomics principles and the world economy. The top-scoring team from each state advances to the National Semi-Finals and Finals where they compete for the national title and cash prizes. The NEC offers two divisions: David Ricardo for first-year economics students and Adam Smith for AP, baccalaureate, and honors students. 
    • The National Personal Finance Challenge: The NPFC is for students interested in learning more about managing their money. Competing teams showcase their expertise in the concepts of earning income, buying goods and services, saving, using credit, investing, and protecting. State winners advance to the National Semi-Finals and Finals where they compete for the national title and cash prizes. 
  • Invest in Girls – With its own dedicated team of educators, Invest in Girls (IIG) works to build a generation of financially literate girls and increase the number of women working in finance. Offering education, career mentorship, and inspirational speakers, IIG works with girls in schools, in online afterschool classes, and via the workplace where it connects girls with women working in finance.

For Families: 

  •  Financial Fun Packs – For those who want to build their knowledge at home and at their own pace, we provide these grade-level downloadable workbooks that offer activities children can do on their own or with their family, along with suggested readings and games.
  • Family Financial Fun Nights – These after-school events provide the opportunity for kids and their families/guardians come together for fun activities to learn about the importance of personal finance. Our downloadable toolkit is suitable for schools, PTAs or individuals to run their own Fun Night.

For more information about these and other CEE programs, please visit the pages listed below:

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