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Programs by CEE

Programs of CEE

In addition to the core economics and financial literacy resources we provide for K-12 educators and their students, CEE delivers specialized programs that draw from this content in order to create a coherent package that addresses the specific needs of targeted audiences. For example, in response to growing interest in teaching students about personal finance through settings outside of the traditional school day, we developed Never Too Young, our K-5 after-school financial literacy program. We also created the Program for Hispanic Students and Their Families in an effort to meet the needs of a population that is under-served both in terms of education and access to financial services. For more information about these and other CEE programs, please visit the pages listed below:

National Economics Challenge
Program for Hispanic Students and Their Families
Never Too Young: Personal Finance for K-5 Learners
Smart X
Curriculum Support
Teacher Awards
National Center for Economic and Financial Education

Professional Development Workshops