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Visionary Awards Benefit 2021 Guest Information

We are excited to host our virtual benefit to celebrate exceptional leaders promoting economic and financial literacy to create a better-informed society.

And we’re so pleased that you’ll be joining us. Before the festivities begin, here’s a quickie quiz and a seasonal cocktail recipe to get you into the spirit of the event!

What Kind of Spender Are You?

When it comes to personal finances, everyone has a spending personality. What’s yours?

Take this fun quiz and find out!

Strawberry-Honey Paloma

Before you settle in for a great event with the Council for Economic Education, and friends and colleagues from across the country, perhaps you’d like to make yourselves a special spring cocktail?

Here’s an easy recipe that’s sure to please!


5 fresh strawberries

.5 oz. honey syrup (mix honey and water together in equal parts)

ice cubes

2 oz. tequila (blanca)

3 oz. grapefruit juice

soda water for topping off

Note: You can use 1 oz. of strawberry preserves instead of honey and fresh strawberries.


Slice 4 strawberries

Muddle sliced strawberries with honey syrup at the bottom of a shaker

Add ice cubes, tequila, and grapefruit juice


Strain into a glass with ice

Top off with soda water

Garnish with a strawberry

Not in the mood for alcohol? Skip the tequila and enjoy a refreshing Strawberry-Grapefruit Spritzer!


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