Financial Literacy & Economic Education Conference

CEE 60th Financial Literacy & Economic Education Conference

Save the Date! This year’s Conference will take place on September 29 to October 1, 2021.

Did you miss the 59th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference this year?

That’s ok! You can now access all of the 50+ recorded sessions and workshops through June 30, 2021.

The Conference features over 50 educator sessions including interactive workshops and lectures with topics such as The Art of Conversation in Personal Finance, Making the Economics of Integration Meaningful; Micro-transactions and Microeconomics: How Video Games Make Money and Using Picture Books to Teach Math, Economics, and Personal Finance.

Discover innovative ways to engage your students while networking with like-minded colleagues. You’ll have:

  1. Access to over 50 educator sessions including interactive workshops and lectures where you can learn to integrate personal finance and economics into your classes.
  2. Outstanding networking opportunities with other K-12 teachers and educators. Opportunities range from facilitated conversation on key topics to 1:1 meetings with peers you identify through participant profiles.
  3. The opportunity to hear speakers including Mellody Hobson, Co-CEO and President, Ariel Investments, Kartik Athreya, EVP and Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, and Sharon Epperson, CNBC Senior Personal Finance Correspondent.

And, receive an electronic certificate of attendance that may be applied toward CTLE/CEU requirements.

Session Highlights:

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Micro-transactions and Microeconomics:  How Video Games Make Money (All grade levels)
Need help teaching about abstract concepts in Economics and Personal Finance?  Connect with something already familiar‚ video games!  This presentation provides teacher with content-rich information of ways video games make money, as well as provide highly-engaging formative assessments to use with students, to check-for-understanding, and drive meaningful conversation.

Using Picture Books to Teach Math, Economics, and Personal Finance (gr. K-5)
Discover how picture books can give your classroom an instant boost by combining literature, math, and economics to teach activity-based lessons.  The provided lessons and activities enhance learning, promote critical thinking, and build problem solving skills.   This session Includes access to classroom-ready lessons, a topical bibliography, and door prizes.

The Economics of College and Career (gr. 6-12)
The Economics of College and Career session will focus on key economic & personal finance questions  students should consider before committing to a college major and/or career choice. Emphasis will be placed on the marketability of select degrees and the likelihood of securing employment in a particular career field.

Using Net Worth to Understand Linear Equations (gr. 6-12)
Develop your students’ understanding of the concept of equality in the context of understanding wealth. In this workshop we will look at how financial scenarios can be modeled with linear equations. Students will be able to apply their knowledge about financial transactions to understand algebra in a tangible setting.

The Art of Conversation in Personal Finance (gr. 9-12)
A good conversation can unlock new questions and curiosities from your personal finance students. Attendees will discover resources and activities, from no tech to high tech, that spark a conversation in the classroom, in the home, and within the community. The session demonstrates activities to make personal finance real and relatable to today’s generation of students.

Hamilton, Jefferson, Economics and Financial Literacy (gr. 9-12)
Hamilton is HOT right now. The hit musical set the world on fire and we can’t get enough. In this presentation, we introduce teachers to brand new resources to help teach economics and personal finance in civics and US history classes.

Get your district on board:

We know you get it: You’ll learn things and make connections at CEE’s Annual Conference that will make you a more effective economics and financial literacy educator. But, convincing your district may be challenging. So we’ve prepared this memo to help you.

CEE accepts Purchase Orders from school districts that wish to register teachers and are unable to make an online purchase using a credit/debit card. 

Information for persons with disabilities:

Please indicate on your registration form any special requirements you may have to make the Conference more accessible to you.

Questions about the Conference:

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