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Financial Literacy & Economic Education Conference

CEE 60th Financial Literacy & Economic Education Conference

This year’s Conference will take place on September 29 to October 1, 2021.

The Conference features over 50 educator sessions including interactive workshops and lectures.

Discover innovative ways to engage your students while networking with like-minded colleagues. This year, we are virtual!

Conference Highlights:

  • Tailored and Topical Subjects: From teachers who want to introduce kindergartners to the concepts of making, growing, and saving money, to teachers of AP Economics, CEE has programming for classes and coursework at every level.
  • 50 Unique Sessions: Choose from a variety of subjects over the course of three afternoons to learn practical tips and engaging ways of incorporating financial literacy and economics into your curriculum.
  • Connect with Peers: Share your expertise and learn what’s working (and what isn’t) from your fellow educators. And hear our inspiring keynote speakers talk about their work in economics and personal finance.
  • Invest in Your Career: As an attendee, all Conference sessions will remain available to you for the whole school year and can count toward your state required continuing education credits.

Get your district on board:

We know you get it: You’ll learn things and make connections at CEE’s Annual Conference that will make you a more effective economics and financial literacy educator. But, convincing your district may be challenging. So we’ve prepared this memo to help you.

CEE accepts Purchase Orders from school districts that wish to register teachers and are unable to make an online purchase using a credit/debit card. 

Information for persons with disabilities:

Please indicate on your registration form any special requirements you may have to make the Conference more accessible to you.

Questions about the Conference:

Please contact: Thomas HurtubiseEvents Associate at thurtubise@councilforeconed.org.